TFDT.ORG develops Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders, iPad, for Science Office

The Planet Earth

TECField Design Team (TFDT.ORG) programmed and developed,

for the Science Office Company, the iPad Application

Alice and Andy in the Universe of Wonders.

TFDT.ORG develops Alice and Andy

” Alice and Andy are twins. They have just turned seven and like most children their age, they are curious, dynamic and always alert to what goes on around them. On their birthday they receive a very strange present from their favourite uncle: a globe with magic powers! Thanks to the magic globe the twins, always accompanied by their mischievous cat Jo, explore fantastic places on our planet Earth and beyond, in the infinite sky. Join Alice, Andy and Jo the cat on an unforgettable journey around the world. Using a magic globe and the special words “really wish”, follow them as they explore above and below the Earth, meeting lots of new friends on the way. “

The interactive application for the iPad, with has text and narration in five languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French), can be found in the Apple iTunes Store.

Interactive application:

The adventures of Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders will also be available as an iPad app featuring text and narration in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

This original and interactive iPad app is a story of discovery, superbly written with scientifically accurate language and lavishly illustrated throughout. New technology means you can read and play the book, learning about our planet Earth and the amazing people and animals that live here. This enthralling tale will be cherished by children and adults alike. As an interactive learning tool it has valuable science to teach, and as entertainment it will be treasured by all those who experience the story.

Who did what in Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders:

Text: Mariana Barrosa and Lee Pullen.
Illustrations: André Roquette and Mafalda Martins.
Translations: Spanish: Karin Ranero; French: Katia Montoroni ; German: Julia Westner and Anita Bauer.
Músic and Sound: Moullinex.
Voices: Nuno Lopes (Portuguese); Debora Avilar Escobar (Spanish); Ingrid Barzic (French); Colleen Sharkey (English USA); Rob Wyn Jones (English); Anita Bauer (German).
Recording studios: Perix.Media GmbH, Gomma Studios and Moullinex Studios.
Programming and Development: TFDT.ORG
Coordination and production: Science Office, Science Communication, Lda.

Download the App:

More information: http://www.scienceoffice.org/en/projectos/alice-andre-no-universo-das-maravilhas/

TECField develops software computer graphics visualization for the European Space Agency (ESA) in partnership with Science Office

July 2013
João Martinho Moura, TECField co-founder, received the Nacional Multimedia Award (Art & Culture) from APMP


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