30 May 2014

TECField TFDT.ORG develops the official App for MasterChef Rui Paula

TECField TFDT.ORG develops the official App for MasterChef Rui Paula

For more information click here.

18 Jan 2014

TECField develops software computer graphics visualization for the European Space Agency (ESA)


TECField /  TFDT.ORG develops, with Science Office, a computer graphics 3D visualization for the for the Directorate of Science and Robotic Exploration of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Video SIC (Futuro Hoje):

[>Ver notícia Jornal Observador]


Experience the visualization online at:


This interactive 3D visualisation is supported only by WebGL compatible browsers and graphics cards. Further information is available here: http://get.webgl.org


Project Coordination: EJR-Quartz BV

  • Cees Walen (Overall Technical Responsibility)
  • Karen O’Flaherty (Senior Science Editor)

Technical Coordination: The Science Office

  • Mariana Barrosa
  • Luis Calçada
  • Rui Braz

Software TeamTECField

  • João Martinho Moura (Lead Developer.  TECField / engageLab University of Minho)
  • Ana Correia (Interface Design,)

Background music: João Martinho Moura

Open source javascript libraries:

  • Three.js (Ricardo Cabello), TrackballControls.js (Eberhard Graether, Mark Lundin)
  • JQuery (John Resig)


  • Mercury: James Hastings-Trew (planetpixelemporium)
  • Venus: James Hastings-Trew (planetpixelemporium)
  • Earth: NASA Earth Observatory (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Mars: James Hastings-Trew (planetpixelemporium)
  • Jupiter: James Hastings-Trew (planetpixelemporium)
  • Milkyway: ESO/S. Brunier

This interactive 3D visualization is supported only by WebGL compatible browsers and graphics cards. Further information is available here: http://get.webgl.org

Where is Rosetta?

This interactive 3D tool shows where the European Space Agency’s comet-chasing Rosetta spacecraft is on any given day – from launch in 2004 to beyond the end of its nominal mission in 2015. You can watch the entire journey play through – click on the play button – or choose dates of interest – by sliding the bar at the bottom of the tool; or click on Where is Rosetta today? to get her current position. The information returned tells you how far Rosetta is from the Sun, Earth and comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (67P/CG for short). All distances are in kilometres (km) and the date is displayed in the format year-month-day. The distance provided is the distance at 12:00 UT on each date, and is the best value available at the time of preparing this tool. By using the mouse or keyboard keys you can pan, zoom and rotate the view. To return to the default settings click on Reset View. Note that the proportions of the planets, comet and Rosetta are not to scale.


About Rosetta

Rosetta is a daring mission to chase, go into orbit, and land on a comet: the Jupiter-family comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta will become the first space mission to rendezvous with a comet, the first to attempt a landing on a comet’s surface, and the first to follow a comet as it swings around the Sun. Since its launch in 2004, Rosetta has made three flybys of Earth and one of Mars to help it on the way to its rendezvous with 67P/CG, encountering asteroids Steins and Lutetia along the way. Together with its lander Philae, Rosetta will help unlock the secrets of comets – icy bodies that represent the most primitive building blocks of the Solar System and likely helped to ‘seed’ Earth with water, perhaps even the ingredients for life.

For more about Rosetta Mission visit www.esa.int/rosetta


03 Jul 2013

João Martinho Moura won the Multimedia National Prize: Art and Culture 2013

João Martinho Moura won the Multimedia National Prize: Art and Culture 2013 from the Associação Multimédia – APMP – Portugal, with the work “B/Side”, developed in association with the TECField.

The award was presented on 02/07/2013 at the Teatro Aberto, in Lisbon.

Artwork B/SIDE:
Commissioned by the City of Braga, Portugal
Artist: João Martinho Moura
Music by Martinho Moura & João Martinho Moura
Production/ Software support/ iPad Development Support: TECField TFDT.ORG
Initiative / Communication / Logistics / Planning: TripleDesign
Dance Presentation (4th October): Companhia de Dança “Arte Total” Braga
Dancers: Gabriela Barros & David Ramalho; Dance Direction: Cristina Mendanha

B/Side Artwork website link.

Parcerias para a Regeneração Urbana do Centro Histórico de Braga e Regeneração Urbana do Rio Este, cofinanciadas pelo “ON.2 – O NOVO NORTE”, QREN, através do Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER) e Câmara Municipal de Braga

Author acknowledgements:
TECField: Ana Correia, José Carlos, João Filipe;
University of Minho, engageLab;
Master in Technology and Digital Arts: Pedro Branco, Nelson Zagalo;
TripleDesign: Filipa Costa, António Coelho, Renata Arezes;
Press: Pedro Leitão;
Camera: Nuno Vieira;
Luz&Som: João Faria;
Openframeworks Community, Processing Community, SuperCollider Community.

More information about João Martinho Moura in this link

19 Oct 2012

TECField (TFDT.ORG) develops interactive digital art software solution for the City of Braga

TECField TFDT.ORG develops interactive software solution for Digital Art in the City of Braga, Portugal.



25 Aug 2012

TECField Design Team (TFDT.ORG) develops Villas do Parque website

In partenership with PM Media Sa, TECField Design Team (TFDT.ORG) develops the Villas do Parque website.

About Villas do Parque:

When what seems impossible becomes possible something unprecedented takes place. And we’re talking about something unprecedented, something unique, when we refer to the Villas do Parque condominium, a complex of exclusive detached properties built in complete harmony with their natural surroundings.”

Watch the project at http://www.villasdoparque.com

25 Aug 2012

TECField Design Team (TFDT.ORG) develops Digital Art for the European Capital of Culture – Guimarães CEC 2012

Digital Scenography and introductory composition by João Martinho Moura.
A work commissioned by the Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012.

More information:

In partnership with the Portuguese Folklore Federation, Tempos Cruzados – Programa Associativo – fosters a great event which will challenge the dialogue between Ethnography, Folklore and Digital Art. The event will be attended by about 1,000 participants, representatives of folklore groups from around the country, who will star in a live parade of costumes. The show will be complemented with a toccata of 50 Guimarães musicians and digital sets in the facades of Toural, a work by João Martinho Moura.


Tempos Cruzados – Programa Associativo
Promoção e Organização: Federação do Folclore Português,
Círculo de Arte e Recreio,
Associação Cultural e Recreativa Convívio,
Associação de Folclore e Etnografia de Guimarães
Direção Artística do Tempos Cruzados – Programa Associativo: Eduardo Meira
Presidente da Federação do Folclore Português: Fernando Ferreira
Cenografia Digital: João Martinho Moura
Produção Executiva: Helena AM Pereira, Ana Machado, Paulo Vieira, Miguel Magalhães
Sonoplastia: António Lemos, Pedro Rangel, Pedro Santos
Luminotecnia: Paulo Silva, José Veiga
Assistência Técnica de Palco: Arménio Maia, Dino Freitas
Equipa de Apoio à Produção Executiva: Luís Ribeiro, Carmen Simões,
Eugénia Oliveira, Tiago Simães, Frederico Silva
Secretariado: Célia Sousa, Helena Fava, Carla Meira, Sandra Meira

Software: TECField / TFDT.ORG
Costume artwork: Ana Correia
Musical Composition (Introduction): Joao Martinho Moura.
Thanks to Martinho Artur Moura for the “Concertina” Instrument

11 Jan 2012

TECField Design Team develops online communication for APC Instruments

TECField Design Team develops online communication for APC Instruments

About APC Instruments:

APC makes stringed musical instruments for the global market and is committed to do, always, to the highest standards of quality, continually investing in technology andinnovation, respect for the inalienable surrounding environment and shared values ​​ofsocial responsibility . The objective of APC is to satisfy its customers and ensure strong and lasting relationships with them. The company does not give up the generation of value for shareholders and wants its employees, as well as external partners, will be motivated and involved with this joint.
You can visit the APC website at  http://apc-instruments.com

23 Dec 2011

TFDT.ORG, responsible for the graphical communication of Chef Rui Paula

TECField Design Team (TFDT.ORG) is the responsible for the visual communication and interactive web presence of Chef Rui Paula.

About Rui Paula:

Rui Paula was born in Oporto in 1967, but was at Alijó, in Douro, on holidays in the family home, that he developed an early love for cooking, influenced by a strong connection to his maternal grandmother and the foods that she prepared, based on old recipes and in the use of local products.

The desire to increase his knowledge and extend his gastronomic references led him to pass some seasons with renowned nacional and foreign chefs. In 2007, in partnership with his brother Pedro, Rui Paula opened DOC restaurant, from a building situated in the contemporary lines of the Folgosa pier, through the road that runs alongside the Douro River, between Régua and Pinhão. Soon developing a kitchen up to the greatness of the scenery, Rui Paula and his team transformed DOC in a modern and cosmopolitan space, an essential meeting point for those who live or travel in the Douro region, a place of choice between food , wine and scenery.

In the first quarter of 2010, accompanied by his family, Rui Paula opened the DOP restaurant in the Palace of Arts, in the Oporto historic area. It’s a return to the origins, based on the challenge of creating a distinct restaurant in this city. A city of bourgeois and cosmopolitan tradition, bearing the name of fine wine produced in the Douro, with whom shares the title of World Heritage.

More information: http://www.ruipaula.com

07 Dec 2011

Exhibition at the Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance, Berlin

Exhibition at the Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance, Berlin

25 Nov 2011

YMYI @ Theatro Circo – Festival Semibreve (Joao Martinho Moura)

TFDT.ORG Co-Founder João Martinho Moura interactive exhibition at the Theatro Circo, Festival Semibreve, Portugal

TECField develops software computer graphics visualization for the European Space Agency (ESA) in partnership with Science Office

July 2013
João Martinho Moura, TECField co-founder, received the Nacional Multimedia Award (Art & Culture) from APMP


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